Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss - Out and about in NYC [04/03]

Taylor Swift out in New York today (4.1.14)

Taylor Swift Visits Shelby Huff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC (x)

At one point, I began to understand that it would be harder for me on a smaller record label to get to the places and accomplish the things that artists were accomplishing on bigger record labels. I realized that I wouldn’t get favors pulled for me because there weren’t any other artists on the label to pull favors from. It was going to be an uphill climb and all that I had to encourage me was the hope that someday things would change. That things would be different. After so many times of just saying that to myself over and over, I finally wrote it down in a song.

time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralysed by it…

Taylor Swift in The Giver trailer as Rosemary 


Taylor Swift: Teenage Taylor

I’m a firm believer in optimism regarding the music industry. So many people are preaching doomsday, and I’m just not there. I just don’t feel it. Sales and stats show that if you are giving the fans part of your life, they will invest in it. I just refuse to believe we are going down in flames.